Career paths at Fairdeal.

In the early stage of their careers, Fairdeal employees are exposed to multiple projects in various service areas to enable them to fully understand our business and become acclimated to our unique work environment. From there, career paths at Fairdeal are extremely flexible, with abundant opportunities to earn more responsibility, perform in dynamic situations and develop unique specializations.
Most importantly, the only relevant factor for advancement at Fairdeal is merit. All employees, regardless of seniority, undergo a semi-annual appraisal process, where we rigorously assess their strengths and weaknesses, development and career options. Unlike most organizations, however, there are no pre-determined career paths or timelines at Fairdeal, and we pride ourselves on working with our employees to help them find the best possible route to success.
Our dedication to providing a top-rate working environment for our employees helped make Fairdeal the first LPO to be recognized among the “Best Places to Work”.

Who we hire.
Our employees work in a multicultural environment. We hire from a diverse pool of applicants and are always interested in talking to qualified candidates of all experience levels for positions in our office.