Litigation Support Services

Fairdeal Enterprises provides legal support services at all stages of litigation. From pre-litigation through trial, our team of expert senior attorneys leverages our expertise to provide the best solutions for your specific needs and requirements. Fairdeal can support you in every stage of litigation, from before litigation is filed, all the way into the courtroom:

  • Complaints
  • Legal Briefing

—Trial Briefs

—Pre Trail Briefs

—Appellate Briefs

  • Declaratory Relief
  • Writs of Mandamus
  • Motions to
  • Amend Complaint
  • Compel Evidence
  • Preliminary Injunction/TRO
  • Criminal Law Motions and Briefs

Our team of trained professionals offers best-in-class legal services and excellent English writing and comprehension skills. We can reduce testimonies into clean, precise synopsis, and we tailor our summaries to meet your specific requirements, delivering them to you in the format of your choice.