Why Us

Innovative Approach

 Are the benefits of Legal Outsourcing limited to big law firms and corporates? How can small law firms benefit from this phenomenon that has saved billions of dollars for many big law firms and corporations. Can a solo attorney or a small boutique firm benefit from legal outsourcing? Are there services which look beyond document review?

Our Innovative products have changed the way many attorneys approach the practice of law!.We believe in developing new solutions for our clients. Instead of asking you to figure out how our services can help your business, we analyze your practice and suggest ways for you to reduce costs and improve your efficiency by working with us.

Talk to us today and find out how our simple, yet effective solutions can make a huge difference to your practice of law.


Access to our expertise

To allow you to focus on your mission of providing high quality products and/ or services to your customers, it only makes sense to outsource skill-specific tasks to experts who can perform it better and faster. The benefit of outsourcing to us prove more cost-effective for you rather than spending resources to train your staff to handle it. You save on money and precious man-hours.


Focus on core activities

As your business grows in size, all the back-office, routine, non-core functions also increase, and could affect the quality of your core activities. By identifying and outsourcing your legal tasks to us, you can redirect your work to us.


The Fairdeal Enterprises-“Code of Ethics”

Our transparent policies and thorough conflict check mechanisms ensure that you enjoy the same peace of mind while working with us that you enjoy while working at your office.

  • Only lawyers with a recognized law degree are recruited at Offshore Research Partners.
  • A Mandatory Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed with each employee.
  • Background Checks are run on each employee before hiring.
  • Limited need-based internet connectivity for employee workstations.
  • Secure Server to regularly monitor employee activity.
  • No USB or Optical Drives in any of the workstations to prevent physical leakage of data.
  • Biometric Access System for premises security.
  • Centralized and secure database of clients to ensure thorough conflict checks.
  • Transparent and flexible billing models.